High Power Cree Police LED Flashlight Battery+Charger




Dimension Total length 235mm Luminous 400LM
Max Dia. 56.5mm Run time 1.6h when 100% brightness
Min Dia.25mm Body material Aerospace-grade aluminum
Weight 240g (w/ battery) Surface treatment Hard-anodized
Light source Cree Q5 Led Battery 1pc 18650 Li-ion battery
Charge time 4 hours

Comes with:

1 Wall Charger

1 Car Charger

1 18650 Li-ion Battery


Tactics action








Product Features

1) Five functions: 100%, 30% and 10% brightness, strobe and SOS

2) Newest charging tech with patent, easy charging.

3) Offensive design, anti-rolling, waterproof.

4) Battery with protection board, no worry about over charge or over discharge.

.Battery install
Unscrew the cap and put into the battery and then screw it on. 

Note: Be sure the anode of battery forward, or else it would not work.

Lighting modes changing
1) 100% brightness suitable for searching and rescuing, or long distance lighting. 

2) Press the cap switch for two times, it turned to strobe model with the frequency of 10Hz, its applicable warning.

3) Press the cap switch for two times again, it turns on SOS function.

4) Press the cap switch for two times again, it turned to strobe model with the frequency of 10Hz, its applicable warning.

5) Press the cap switch for two times again, it turns on SOS function.

6) If you do not use this torch for a long time, please turn the end cap anticlockwise for 1-2 circles to lock it and avoid turning on unintentionally.

ⅲ. Charging method 

Checking whether the torch works before charging, only charge it if it works well.

1) Turn grab handle anticlockwise to expose the charging socket. (Picture 3)

2) Connect the AC charge to 110-230V power and insert another end of charge to the charging socket on torch (Picture 4), and then turn on the torch (If charger indicator light is red, it means on charging; if it turns to green, it means full charged). The charging time for original 18650 battery is about 4 hours.

3) When battery full charged, remove the charger and turn the grab handle clockwise to close the charging socket, torch can be worked. (Picture 5)

Ⅵ Maintain 

1). Please clean flashlight after use.

2). Do not expose the torch to sunshine, water, chemicals or corrosive gas for a long time. Avoid destroying the hard-anodized surface. If flashlight outside be tainted with seawater or other corrosive materials, please wash it with clean water and dry it with hair drier in time.

3). To make flashlight easy screwing, please daub some waterproof  silicone grease on thread.

4). Take out battery from flashlight if do not use it and keep it in shade place.

5). Battery should be charged six three months if it never worked.


1. Do not point to eye directly when it turns on, it would cause permanent hurt.

2. Do not disassemble the flashlight head to avoid damage happened.

3.Do not throw the battery into fire, and please treat it according to recycle articles.




Web Price: $84.99

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