We have almost as many styles of LED Rope Lights as we have found uses!It is perfect for so many applications indoors and out, in the home and business environment. Available in all the colors of the rainbow,Shapes, and number of lights; LED Rope Lighting is one of our customer’s favorite products. These lights are also controller enabled which means you can design a scintillating light design for a discotheque or casino show, even if it is just for your own backyard!These futuristic cords of light are still at the top of their traditional game: displays, windows, living spaces, casinos and art pieces. Recently, they have also broken major ground in the civilian security sector. Residential and commercial developers are now using LED Rope to light hallways and tunnels in private buildings and homes and municipal areas. Business owners have sold countless items due to the easy charm these lamps have bequeathed on their products. Homeowners gracefully and unobtrusively highlight their favorite spaces and heirlooms.High impact, durable, and possessing the long life of every LED Light; these rope lights are replacing many applications of formerly “specialty” lights. When our customers have a difficult area to light or a heavy duty function, we turn them towards the LED Rope lights. Because of their endurance and dependability rope lights are the logical choice for areas which need to be lit and stay lit!


  LED Rope Light 110 Volt




 LED Rope Light 12 Volt

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