Tips for Tanks

Extreme Cleaner

If you just bought a used boat or RV and would really like to give the tanks a super cleanup job or are having a problem like one of these:

1) There is a solid build up in the black tank, or
2) A bad smell that just won’t go away, or
3) The sensors will not give you consistent readings. (Remember they are just approximate at best).

We just developed a product that will take care of all of these problems! We call it Extreme Cleaner and it is designed to clean and remove all types of waste, tissue, soap and scum buildup from both black and gray tanks. It comes in an 18 ounce container and like our other products, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

There are two ways to use Extreme Cleaner:

1) The best way is to mix ½ (9oz.) in a 3-5 gallon bucket and pour that into one tank. Next, mix the other ½ in the bucket and pour into the other tank. Then, fill both tanks approximately ½ full of water and drive at least 30 miles on a curvy road. Finally, drain and rinse the tanks. Some people add 3 or 4 bags of crushed ice down the toilet just before you drive off for a scrubbing action.

2) If your boat or RV is sitting idle you should use the same amount of Extreme Cleaner as above, but you need to completely fill your tanks and allow them to sit overnight before you empty and rinse.

Please follow these directions as this product is very active and should be used with care. It will not harm system if used properly.

Black Tanks

Never open the black tank valve until the tank is at least ½ full. (Dumping the tank when it is less than ½ full will not allow the tank to empty properly).

If your boat or RV is sitting idle:
1) Fill the toilet with water and flush.
2) Fill again, add our product and flush again. This will ensure that the treatment is in the tank, not stuck near the valve below the tank.

Another trick is to pre-charge the tank with a few gallons of water after you dump. This will fill the outlet pipe and wet the bottom of the tank so the contents spread out and start to break down instead of staying exposed to the air.

It is a good idea to add treatment as soon as you dump so that you don’t forget to do it. If traveling, it will also clean your tanks while getting to your next destination.

After adding our holding tank treatment to the toilet water, use your toilet brush to swirl it around in the bowl and then flush. With this simple action you will completely mix the treatment, clean your toilet bowl and freshen your toilet brush too!

Gray Tanks

These tanks do not need to be treated every time you dump, but if your gray tank gets an odor it can be difficult to get rid of because the smelly stuff grows from the top of the tank down. To prevent this we recommend you treat your gray tank with our tank treatment every third time you dump.

Twice a year you should treat your gray tank with a double dose of Healthy Boaters or Happy Campers. The best way to do this is to fill the tank ½ full of water, add the treatment and then drive approximately 50 miles to allow it to mix into the top of the tank. After doing this, drain the tank if needed.

To remove a gray tank odor: Start with an empty tank and add at least a double dose of tank treatment. Next, fill the tank with water until you see it coming up into the shower drain. Let this sit overnight and empty in the morning. By doing this you will have allowed the treatment to work on the top of the tank, thus getting rid of the problem that causes the odor.

Grease: If you have grease built up in the tank, add a couple of ounces of original Blue Dawn (dish soap) to solve this problem. Important Note: Never use an antibacterial soap or disinfectant cleaners in your tanks because they will stop the action needed to keep your tanks clean and fresh smelling. Also, some large dosages of medication can kill bacteria after they pass through your body.

When adding Healthy Boaters or Happy Campers, mix it with water and pour it down a different sink or into the shower drain each time to keep your p-traps clean.

Holding Tank Do’s and Don’ts

Never use bleach to treat or “sweeten” a tank. Bleach can severely damage valves, seals and gaskets.

Do not mix together different brands or types of treatment. This will most likely make both treatments non-effective.

If you are getting odor or splash back from your toilet when the tank is less than full, you have a problem with the tank vent. It’s either plugged or is extending too far into the tank. Normally, when you flush the air in the tank that is displaced by the toilet contents is released outdoors through the vent pipe. If the vent is plugged or submerged the only way the air can come out is through the toilet.

Always read and follow product directions and don’t forget to treat your gray tank occasionally.

It is a good idea to use your tank flushing device if your boat or RV has one. If it does not, the wand type used down the toilet is ok.

Washers and Dryers

If your RV has a washer and dryer that has an odor, add a couple ounces of our product to a short wash cycle (no laundry) and it will soon be clean and fresh smelling!

When storing your boat or RV, add 1 ounce of tank treatment, turn to the last rinse cycle and run. This will remove anything from the pump area that could create a smell.