Let Our Customers Speak for our product:

October 19, 2009


I got our boat pumped out this past Friday and checked the waste gauge. As usual since the day we bought the houseboat (it’s a 1990 Sumerset), it still read about half full. Within 30 minutes of using a double dose of Healthy Boater, the gauge for the very first time showed EMPTY. I couldn’t believe it! The next morning, the heads still seemed clean and fresh. Can’t wait to see how it works next Spring.


Delighted to have found and used the product!


Thanks again… Bill (Johnson City, TN)



October 14, 2009


Just wanted to thank you for what you do. Last year I researched Black Water and became the expert on our dock. Being a novice to boating- It was the only thing that I was expert at- but thanks to you I was lucky one year ago and called you on the phone. Wellll… now your stuff is being used at Brunelle’s Marina in South Hadley, MA


We have had no smell on C-dock and now A, B, D dockers are or will be buying your product. Also like to tell you that Capt David and Harry had interesting problems- their volume meters were not working. I told them to try My Healthy Boater and both have functional meters after the first use.


Have fun and thanks from all of us.


Kim (Brunelle’s Marina in South Hadley, MA)



January 5, 2009


By the way, the Happy Campers powder for the holding tank in the RV?…We tried it on our RV and NOTHING WORKS BETTER….. WE ARE SOLD…. We love it…. I will be purchasing soon…. THANKS for the great tip!!

Lee P.
Fremont, CA


April 12 , 2007


As a houseboat owner for many years, I have encountered many a time when my holding tank smelled rather badly. This normally occurred when I was entertaining friends after a couple of nights out on our lake. Boy!! This was not only annoying, but also really embarrassing.


I thought there must be a reliable product on our market today that could eliminate this problem once and for all. I found it after doing thorough research! The Healthy Boater/Camper odorless holding tank treatment! After purchasing this amazing product and giving it try, I was so excited about the results, that I started sharing this with my fellow house boaters. They also were exceptionally pleased and thrilled with the Healthy Boater/Camper tank treatment!


Today, I am a proud distributor of this astonishing product. I know when you utilize Healthy Boater/Happy Camper Tank Treatment; you will be extremely pleased with it, as I have been.


Greg Marlow, Distributor
Healthy Boater and Happy Campers




Why is it that none of the RV or marine retailers sell a decent odor control for your holding tanks? Is it so you’ll just keep opening packages and pouring them in – one after another. That’s what I used to do and it still didn’t stop the smell or my wife’s complaining! Now I use an ounce of Healthy Boater in an empty tank and forget about it until it’s time to pump. There are no complaints from my wife and that makes me a Happy Boater!
Rick – Boat Owner




I came across this product at the RV show in Redmond, Oregon in 2005. I was somewhat skeptical at first but I decided to take a chance on a big pail. I was glad I did. Two summers ago, I traveled down the Baja Peninsula in mid summer. The enzyme sanitizer I was using failed at around 95 degrees. I was forced to use liquid chlorine in the tanks. I was traveling in 100 plus heat this summer as well and the Happy Camper powder performed flawlessly. I could not believe that I could not even smell the sewage when I dumped the tanks. I used to have to close the vent over our bed at night due to the sewer vent hose being only 2 feet away. This is no longer a problem. I will recommend this product to all our members.


Paul Beddows
North American Truck Camper Owners Association

June 2, 2006

If you can get a customer to try Happy Camper once, they will become a loyal Happy Camper user. It became our #1 seller after one season for one reason – NO ODOR!
Bill Cambell
ALL Season RV & Marine

May 14, 2006
We started selling Happy Camper in May of 2004 and we are ecstatic about this product. Everyone we have given a sample to has purchased this product and recommended it to others. We use it in our own personal RV’s, Porta Potty’s and portable toilets. We sell to truckers who have toilets in their trucks. I also use it in my septic tank at home with amazing results. It works so much better than the product I was spending hundreds of dollars on each year. We have sold hundreds of containers of this product and have had only one return, only to find out they had a venting problem and are now an avid buyer of Happy Camper. At this point we are not carrying any other tank treatment products as they do not do what Happy Campers does. We are absolutely thrilled with this product and recommend it to every one!
Store Merchandiser
South County RV Repair
Myrtle Creek, OR



Prospect RV Park
May 13th, 2006
We are happy to report to you the results of our testing of your product during the year, 2005.
Criteria Tested:
1) Must be free of all human cancer causing agents – CRITERIA MET
2) Must not prevent natural breakdown of waste material – CRITERIA MET
3) Must not destroy natural enzymes & bacteria – CRITERIA MET
4) Must not be detrimental to Park Waste Water Treatment Plant. – CRITERIA MET.
5) Must effectively render RV waste tank odorless. – CRITERIA MET
6) Must be reasonable in cost to consumer. – CRITERIA MET
***While we do carry several Formaldehyde Free Holding Tank Treatment Products, without reservation our recommendation to all our clients and guests is the Happy Camper product line.
Jim Lee/ Owner

Feb. 14, 2006
Holiday Harbor, Shasta Lake
After a trial period of one season’s use of your product in our houseboat holding tanks, I am pleased to report the instances of customer complaints have dropped dramatically. Even during periods of record breaking 117 degree heat, we had no complaints of toilet odors. Thanks you for providing such a reliable product.
Stephen C. Barry
President of a company renting 65 houseboats


Feb. 14, 2006 Update
Since working with Holiday Harbor (our first houseboat marina) we have acquired almost 30 more house boat marina’s that realize Happy Campers does work as we claim.

May 25th, 2004
To whom it may concern:
Triple A RV Center Inc. has sold the “Happy Camper” product in our accessory department for over a year now and we have had success with it from the first day we put it into stock. I feel that it is one of the few products in the RV Industry that actually does all that it claims. The president of Happy Camper (Monty Wray) has even taken the time to make sample packs that we give to our new RV owners to get them started, and I now have multiple customers coming back on a daily basis to buy what they are familiar with, and what they know works well. I recommend Happy Camper, and use it in my RV.
Parts and Service Director