SpaT Audio Transducer/ SpaTFX Premium Audio Transducer The SpaT and SpaTFX Audio Transducers Will Offer Versatility to Audio Applications. The SpaT Audio Transducer Provides Hidden Subtle Sound Emission Through Existing Surfaces Without the Need to Cut Holes as is Typical for Audio Speakers. Completely Hidden and Completely Waterproof, The SpaT Audio Transducer Mounts Out of Sight While Needing a Mounting Depth of Only 1.5". Transform Virtually Any Surface Into a Wrap-Around Music Experience with the SpaT Audio Transducer. The SpaTFX Audio Transducer Offers Greater Performance. Originally Designed for Spa and Bath Applications, the SpaTFX is Also Waterproof and Comes With a Mounting Plate. Applications Use the SpaT to Replace Audio Speakers in Spas and Baths Replaces the Need For Spa Speakers By Mounting Under Spa Shell Use in RV Installations Where Space Restrictions Limit Use of Typical Outdoor Speakers Incorporate Into Sauna Designs to Create a Subtle Surround Sound Experience Ideal for Sound Masking and Security Applications Features/Technical: * Ideal for Non-Audio Speaker Applications * Waterproof Construction * Subtle Hidden Audio * Provides Full Surface Sound Emission * Compact Size * Stainless Steel Hardware * Insulated Power Leads * Spa, Bath, Marine, RV & Landscape Applications * OEM Spa, RV, Boat, Marine Product Designs * Mounting Diameter: 3" * Mounting Depth: 1.5" * Max Power: 30 Watts * Full Range Audio Reproduction * Mounts to Directly Spa Shell * Hidden Installation for Saunas * Hi Temp Plastic Construction


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